Design an Interior That Inspires You

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Interior Design is for Everyone! With our unique approach, aesthetic considerations and functionality are equal contributors that create a beautiful cohesive home. A carefully thought out and expertly orchestrated interior can emotionally, mentally and spiritually impact one’s sense of value and motivation. We are dedicated to co-creating spaces that are an accurate expression of who you are, with a simple fee structure and a didactic approach to the design process.

From traditional to contemporary, we can design a space that suits your preferred style. Call now for a free one hour off-site consultation to begin your next interior design project!

We sweat the details

Open Door Design improves the interior layout of residential and commercial spaces and creates interior designs from scratch. You can rely on us to:

  • Listen to your needs and passions to help you define your design easthetic
  • Develop a clear and cohesive color scheme
  • Create flow and function with a well-developed floor plan
  • Walk with you from the initial phases of design development through the final installation
  • Work collaboratively with local artisans and trades to create a beautiful unique space.

Once a month a lucky winner will be randomly drawn to win a one room design intervention.  We will give you practical suggestions to improve your room’s function and beauty.  Just fill out the contact page, and ask about the Design Intervention today.

Goals and Values

ACCESSIBILITY: At Open Door Design, we long to see Interior Design available to all home owners, to raise the awareness of the value of well-designed spaces and to reduce a sense of intimidation of the process. We have seen how one's environment can emotionally, mentally and spiritually impact one's sense of value and motivation. With this goal in mind, Open Door Design has been structured to be affordable by having a simple fee structure.

AUTHENTICITY: In order for your space to be an accurate expression of who you are, it is important to take the time to build a good foundation, by understanding your values and goals. Time will be spent on a process of internal reflection and awareness. This can be very challenging, but we believe you will find it most gratifying.

RESILIENCE: As in any process there can be delays, miscommunication, unspoken or unknown desires, and more. Our commitment is to be resilient in those situations and to use those moments to create opportunities. Design is always an evolving process. Sometimes mistakes in the process produce the most memorable and insightful design solutions!

MEANINGFULNESS. Our desire is to provide structure through good design principals that allow for the freedom of expression of personal taste, style and needs. We want spaces to be a meaningful expression of the essence of the home owner and their family members